Years ago I was searching for a horse companion for my horse. I had tried various options but none of them had worked out successfully. Some horses do okay on their own, but not Walkyre. Five years earlier his friend he was with since a weanling died. She was a great horse called Pippin, better know as Pip. She and I competed in dressage for lots of years, until injury prevented it any longer. Her later years were spent as a great babysitter to my then youngster. Having boarders and older horses wasn’t working. What was needed was a permanent friend for him, So I decided a pony would fill all the requirements.
I found one that was available and went to have a look not knowing any information about him. When I arrived I asked the woman his age and name. I almost fainted when she said his name was Pip and he was four years old. Needless to say, I brought him home that day.
That is an example of what I call synchronicity. Once you are aware of it in your life you will see it everywhere. Shirley Maclaine writes about it in her book, Sage-ing While Age-ing. It is a great read for anyone. Synchronicity is one of what I call the universal principals or spiritual laws. Carl Jung, a Swiss psychologist, defined synchronicity as “any apparent coincidence that inspires a sense of wonder and personal meaning or particular significance in the observer. It is a perceived connection between two or more objects or events or persons without any recognizable cause.”
Have you ever thought about someone and later the phone rings or you see them. Some say its just coincidence, chance or accident. I don’t believe so. I feel these synchronistic events occur more frequently than we realize. These events can be minor incidents to those that are life changing and even life saving.
A few winters ago, when we having an unusually cold, snowy snap, I was just about to leave home, when I realized I had forgotten my keys. This delayed my departure a couple of minutes. Just as I was heading out I heard a huge crack, as a tree fell across the road and knocked down some power lines. If I had left as I had planned to, I shudder to think where I would have been. Just lucky, I really don’t think so.
To me synchronicity, shows the direct link from the physical world to the nonphysical reality. It helps strengthen my faith and belief in spirit . Meaningful synchronicities happen to everyone. Whether you are aware of them or not is another story. They can be your connection to the universe. If you pay attention to them, it can lead to self-discoveries about who you are and why you are here. The right time, the right person, the right place, enters your life at a strategic moment seemingly without any logic.
There many different kinds of synchronicity, one is with numbers. I have a friend that whenever anything important happens to her the number 11 shows up. Example, she meets someone on November eleven at eleven o’clock and he is born on the eleventh.
Synchronicity shows that there is something invisible at work. Proof to me of what I call God, with no religious dogma attached. Examine your own life and see if you can see synchronicity. It can help how you view yourself and your life. To me it makes me feel connected to something much greater and profound.
I plan to blog on other universal principals. Dan Millman, discusses some of them in his book , The Life You Were Meant to Live. Learning about them can give you a deeper connection and understanding to your life.

Affirmation: I trust the process of life. I feel my connection to the divine.