Here and Hereafter

A family friend came by for a visit. He has been facing a life threatening illness and I asked him if it had changed his beliefs or ideas about life or death. He said it had not. He feels when you die that’s it, lights out, the end, your done. He said he had no personal proof to prove anything differently, even though he had done research on the subject there wasn’t anything that changed his mind.
My first reaction was surprise and then great sadness. I come from a deep knowing that there is life after death, because of my own personal experience. I have always been aware of spirits and communicated with the dear departed. I haven’t always understood their messages as clearly as I would like too. I see what I call soul essences, beautiful transparent orbs of neon lights. I find them very comforting and never feel truly alone. For some, I know that sounds crazy.
Quite often I will be aware of a spirit hanging around the house and realize they are waiting for a client that will be coming for an appointment. Sure enough when the client arrives I tell them about the spirit I have been seeing and as best as I can convey the message they wish to give. More times than not it is to reassure the living that they are happy and love them. Usually they add some personal detail that only the client knows as a way of letting them know it’s them. The client usually feels greatly comforted as they have been having a difficult time with the loss.
I am not a medium in the traditional sense but am still able to get the message across.
As a child and young adult I used to be terrified of my encounters with the spirit realm. It wasn’t uncommon as a little girl to crawl into bed with my parents. They thought it was nightmares but I knew differently. As a young woman, when my husband worked nights he would often come home to all the lights being on and the stereo playing. Now it is not scary at all and feels normal and natural. I guess it’s because I have had so many dear friends and family cross over its great to hear from them and to know they are happy. If you weren’t afraid of them in life why would you be afraid of them in death. For me this is all the proof I need to know we live beyond our physical death and we are more than are physical self. Studies have shown there is a difference in weight, just prior to death and then again immediately after, the body is three ounces lighter.
When being with my parents during their deaths I have seen their souls leave their body to the open arms of other departed loved ones. It doesn’t stop my feelings of loss and sadness but at least I know they are safe and happy.
I feel we all take on a spirit body of what we looked like when we were around thirty. Usually when a spirit wants to be identified and get a message across they show themselves in a form I can describe to the living so they know who it is, at whatever age that maybe. If they knew grandpa as an old man then that is how he will show himself to me.
It is frustrating when a client really wants to hear from someone in spirit and I can’t pick anything up. Why it happens I don’t know. At least I am honest and regretfully let them know. Our loved ones leave us lots of messages if we are open to them. When I see white feathers I feel is a sign of love from my mother especially when they appear in the house with no reasonable explanation. Sometimes I smell cigarette smoke and know it is my brother-in-law. When my sister died I was filled with grief and really wanted a visit from her. It never happened. Instead I heard her whisper in my ear, “But I am just right here” I asked her why she left and she calmly stated “Nothing lasts forever.”
So for me, the evidence speaks for itself, there is a hereafter and we do continue. I feel we are all here to learn and to grow and to be of service and we continue to learn and grow in the spirit realm and reincarnate many times in an effort to enlighten our souls. I plan to blog more on the hereafter and reincarnation and the role of karma.

Affirmation: I am free to be free to live my life without pain or guilt. I am safe.