I use affirmations daily. They really help. Affirmations are positive thoughts to replace negative thought patterns and imprinting. All of us play the same old songs over and over again in our heads. I know it’s really hard to think positive thoughts when life is throwing us thorns instead of roses. Loss is the hardest thing we have to learn. Be it loss of love, loss of a friend or job. This is the time when positive thoughts can help us the most even though you might feel you would rather throw something or have a good old fashion temper tantrum . All that negative energy can be put to much better use. Affirmations are best said with lots of force and meaning. The more you put into it the more you get out of it. While using affirmations, try to suspend any doubts or disbelief you have, at least for the moment. With practice, getting that which you desire is very real and possible.
When you first start using and affirmation you may not believe it. Fact is if you already believed it, there would be no reason to affirm it.It is important to tap into the feeling of the belief and to experience that the affirmation can be true. Put your full mental and emotional energy into it.

One of the best ways to say an affirmation is in front of a mirror. Easier said than done. Try it. If you shift your eyes during the process you are negating the effect. It is sort of like when you are first learning to tie your shoe laces. At first it takes many attempts to complete the task with success until one day it becomes automatic .

Always chose affirmations that feel right for you. What works for one person may not for you. An affirmation should feel positive, freeing and supportive.

An affirmation should be clear, simple and in the present tense. Let it come from the heart and not the head.

One of my favorites is, “ With love in me I only need to extend it “ I use that one a lot when I drive. It helps me be more patient and take a moment to breathe when things get stressful.
Whenever I am concerned for myself or those that I care about, I use “May the white light of the holy spirit surround me and protect me and keep me safe” Of course one changes the name depending on who you are referring to. It works just as well for animals too.