Past life regression

past life regression therapy

We all get frozen or stuck in behavior patterns that aren’t in our best interest. These patterns can be from this life or we can bring them with us from past lives. Examples are varied and numerous. In relationships where someone always chooses a person who has commitment issues. Or how about the person who has a fear of water that is not based on any experience in this life. How can you change this and make yourself free of fears that don’t seem to make any sense? A past life regression can help immensely with this.
Most of us have had lives as both male and female. Someone who in this life is female, but has had more lives as a male, may feel more comfortable doing male orientated tasks and hanging out with guys than girls. They may also be very critical of other women and find them hard to understand and relate to. More than likely that person has karma with their female energy and this life they are here to redefine and become more multidimensional in understanding of what women really are. It can make relationships tough as well. A past life regression to when they were a male can be very helpful.
I don’t feel anyone that plays a major role in our life comes along at random. I do feel we pick our parents and siblings for what they can teach us and also have an opportunity to resolve any past karma we have with them. To know where we knew them before and what role they played in our lives can be very therapeutic.
I had a client who every time she had an argument with her husband her back would hurt for days afterward. We did a past life regression to find out the cause. The regression took her back to jolly old England that wasn’t so jolly. It was in the times of indentured servants. She was a young male bonded in service to a blacksmith . She slept on the steps that led into the blacksmith forge. The Blacksmith would go out at night to the local Inn and come home drunk and kick her down the steps. The Blacksmith in that life is now her husband. By accessing that knowledge it has helped her to change the way she deals with her husband. She no longer allows him to frighten or intimidate her. As a result she no longer has a sore back. That past life regression was life changing. It allowed all the karma between them to be resolved.
Some of you may not believe in past lives, that’s okay. For myself I find it impossible to think otherwise. For me it helps to understand and make sense of the human condition, mind you it doesn’t make me like any better. Why are some people so seemingly lucky and others not? Why do some have so much and others nothing? Why is one child so loved and cherished while another is considered worthless? Reincarnation helps to give some sort of understanding and logic to all of this. I feel all of us are here to learn and to grow spiritually. We do this through problem solving and a large variety of life experiences. Everyone’s life can usually be summed up in a few words. That was a life to learn about trust, or compassion or power or independence or greed, etc. Knowing your life can be condensed to just a few words helps to put things into perspective. For me it helps not to sweat the small stuff so much. I don’t always succeed but I try.
If you really take the time to think about it, how could you possibly learn all there is to learn in one lifetime. Why are some people born with such a huge loving heart and others seem to have none? Maybe that gifted artist has been perfecting their skills over many lifetimes. This is not my first life spent as a psychic. I have been burned a few times.
We all have lives as male and female, where we die young and old, where we are rich and poor, victims and abusers. It is all about balance. Only those that have suffered can really understand and have compassion for others that are suffering. Maybe not in this life but it has happened in a past life.
If you choose to have a past life regression make sure you choose someone who is well experienced and knowledgeable.
I put the client in an alpha state. That is the state your in when you day dream or just before you fall asleep. You feel relaxed and are more aware of what is going on in your body and are able to access the subconscious. I aim to help you feel more empowered, so hypnotizing a client defeats that. You are very aware throughout the whole procedure.
Some clients experience it like watching a video, others just get a feeling or a sense, many have no idea where the names or places pop into their head. I find the way the client experiences the session helps validate the whole procedure. For example, I had a client who regressed to being a young male who was a thief in the market place in France in the early thirteen century. She became frustrated because all she could see were the necks of the wealthy women she grabbed necklaces from. That added validation to the whole experience. She would have been fixated on that as she went about her life.The same as if a person that went to a life where they were blind you wouldn’t expect them to experience it by seeing it.
I always spent lots of time on how the person died in a past life, as it gives a great insight to the whole experience. Did they die of a ripe old age surrounded by loved ones or did they die young, or alone, or violently? It makes a great impact on the soul and can really affect us in following lives.
I have been doing past life regression therapy for about twenty-five years. In that time I have only had three people that were famous. Most of us learn and grow more by living everyday day lives. If everyone or every other one was famous I would really question the validity or truth in what people were experiencing and what I was doing. Coping with everyday challenges and life’s detours is how we learn and grow the most.

Affirmation: I bless the past with love and release it and let it go. Only it’s blessing remains.