I feel most of the answers to our questions and problems are inside of ourselves. The trick is to know how to understand, listen and interpret that knowledge. In our everyday lives our conscious mind is so busy nattering away at us we learn to tune out perhaps vital information.
One of the best ways to find solutions to our problems is to keep track of our dreams and take note of any patterns. How many times have you dreamt this dream? When do you dream it? Is it always under stress?
Some people believe they don’t dream. Everyone dreams, you just don’t remember them. In studies where the test subject is awakened when going into REM (rapid eye movement, this is when dreaming takes place) the person will daydream more and have problems focusing on normal daily tasks.
If you can’t remember your dreams start keeping track of your daydreams and see what they may symbolize and see if there is a pattern they always take. Are you always the hero?
When we sleep, our conscious mind becomes quiet and our subconscious emotions and hidden agenda start to reveal themselves, usually in symbol form.
Keep a notebook and pen beside your bedside to record your dreams immediately upon awakening. Most dreams are forgotten within ten minutes of being awake. This is why most people who say they don’t dream think so.
Most dreams are a way of dealing with everyday stress and it is shown to us in symbol form. Very few dreams are ones of prophecy. I have found that those dreams appear to be more than real. Sounds odd but I don’t know of a better way to explain it. They usually will stick in your mind for days after. It might also be a long time before the meaning of this type of dream becomes clear.
I also believe that many of us gain knowledge while in a dream state. This is sometimes referred to as astral traveling. (more on this in a later blog)
I usually find that dream interpretation books are a little disappointing in their interpretations of dreams. It is always a good idea to see if you can discover the school of philosophy of which the author is an advocate. For example, if they are a follower of Freudian teachings, all interpretations will be based on some repressed sexual thoughts.
From my own experience, I usually follow the following formula. I find the main theme in the dream represents you. For example, you dream of an old house and you are wandering from room to room looking for something, that house is the inner thought of yourself. Maybe you feel you are getting older and life is passing you by and you don’t know what direction to take. Searching the rooms shows you looking inside of yourself for directions you can now take. The house is old but is it in good repair? Does it need some sprucing up. This person should then look after their diet and exercise program. Even a check up at the doctor maybe in order.

The following are some common dream themes interpreted that I have found to be very accurate. Hope you find them helpful as well.

The sense of falling, being chased, climbing, being suffocated or drowning: This is a very common type of dream. Here the dreamer is without a doubt having problems dealing with stress and difficulty with everyday life. The greater the emotional anxiety, the greater the fear of the problem, the more terrifying the dream will be.
Are you being chased by a bear or a truck? What you are being chased by and how you feel consciously about the animal (or whatever) gives clues to what the problem is.
Maybe you associate bears with anger. Maybe you are angry at yourself but afraid to admit it. Most of us deny how we truly feel about things. Your true feelings always show up in your dreams.
If you notice in your dream diary every time you see a certain person you have a stress related dream, this can be helpful to put you in touch with how you really feel about them even though outwardly you might think differently.
Pay special note to see if whatever is causing you causes you or if you each the top of the mountain or stairs you are climbing or if you fail or fall to the bottom. This can be a clue as to how to solve the problem. If I have a problem and need help, when I retire that night I give my mind the affirmation That I will have the answer in the morning. The following morning, I pay special attention to the dreams I had the night before. How you feel during the dream is the biggest key to unlock the meaning.

Dreams of death dying and loss: These types of dreams happen often as well. People will sometimes panic when they have this kind of dream feeling that it will actually happen. Remember, we dream in symbols. Very rarely does it mean someone will die. These kinds of dreams usually happen when we are undergoing a transformation of some kind and we feel a sense of loss or mourning, for example, you maybe beginning or ending a relationship, or moving or changing jobs.
On a spiritual level these dreams represent the completion of a karmic tie. If in your dream you see someone die, this means the karmic bond between you is finished and you now can have a relationship on another level. For some it is a way of working out their fears related to death and loss.

Animals: Birds usually indicate a message. You would need to look at the type of bird and the over all feeling of the dream to understand the message. Say the bird was a blue jay, which are perky and playful with lots of energy, this could mean you will have dealings with a person of this nature or you will receive happy news. Trust your own instincts.
For some to dream of kittens would be wonderful but if you dislike cats, the dream will have a whole different meaning.
We all have an animal totem ( the animal our spirit relates to and has characteristics of), plus animal spirit guides. Animals in our dreams gives us great insight to who we are and the nature of the obstacles we need to overcome.

Water: Take careful note of any dreams that pertain to water. The condition of the waterless us know what is happening in our lives. If the water is clear and calm, your life and future look peaceful. If the water is muddy and turbulent, you guessed it, troubled times ahead. Hopefully if you see yourself in a boat it doesn’t sink!
Always look to the vessel your in, on the water. If it is a good and sturdy, then you know you have a good support system to help no matter what the water is like. If it is a leaky raft and sinking, better hang on for a rough passage in your life.
To dream you are fishing and catching lots of fish shows a time of abundance and fulfillment in your life. Again use your judgement and trust how you are feeling at the time of the dream. If the water was stormy but you felt calm, that’s wonderful. This shows how well you can handle this situation.

Buildings: In this case establish the type of building and the state of repair it is in. If you enter the building, how did it feel inside? Pretend that you have had a dream of an old large house with many rooms and you find yourself looking for the library. The house is good repair except the second floor. This shows there is some information you need to seek out to learn to take better care of yourself. Figure out where your second floor might be physically located on your body. Use your dreams to help you. Are your buildings cold and foreboding or warm and friendly? How do you feel when you see them?

Talking to someone you haven’t seen or thought off in a long time: This is a very special dream. It is possible to be telepathically in touch with there. When we are relaxed and in a dream state it is easier to pick up thoughts and messages that are being sent or felt about us. It is common for someone to dream about another and surprise, surprise a week later they receive a letter or visit from the person in the dream.
When someone we care about has died this is a wonderful way to work out our emotions surrounding the loss. To dream about a lost love one is very comforting and helps us deal with the reality of the death in a less painful way.

As you can see our dreams are a wealth of information. I have barely touched on how you can interpret them. Hopefully the formula That I use will get you started in unravelling the mysteries of your own dreams.

Affirmation: I allow myself to be in touch with the power and meanings of my dreams.

Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides, Who or what are they, do they really exist and if so why? These are just a few of the issues regarding spirit guides that I will be answering in this blog. My answers are based on personnel experiences and reading that I had done on the subject.
There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that spirit guides exist. I see them all the time. When I do readings for clients it’s not unusual for me to see them in their aura. The amount of information that I receive from the spirit guide depends on what the client is open to hear. Sometimes my spirit guide will give me information about someone else’s spirit guide especially if I am helping someone from a distance. Recently I had a friend who was going in for surgery and my guide let me know who their guide was and how they could see their guide and how to communicate with them for help and guidance. Another client wanted to know how to tell when and if their guide was around. I explained to him his guide would frequently gently stroke the back of his neck, at this point his wife burst out laughing. She said her husband often felt a brushing at the back of his neck and didn’t understand why.
Everyone has a spirit guide. Even if you don’t believe in them or feel you don’t have one, you do. At times we have more than just one. Because of what we may be experiencing in life we will attract others who want to help and learn through our life lessons.
Spirit guides are souls that have incarnated at least once or more on the planet. They have a working knowledge of what it is like to be human. It is quite likely that your spirit guide and you have a strong emotional bond from this life or another. Yes, they can be a departed loved one. Spirit guides and guardian angels are not the same or interchangeable. Angels are angels. They do not incarnate as humans. Spirit guides are the best friends we have ever had but are now on a different dimension. We have bonded with them spiritually. They have intimate knowledge of our life blueprint, what we have chosen to go through this lifetime, our life lessons and karma. We have a tendency to lose conscious awareness of our life blueprint during our time on earth and tend to wander off our intended path.
Since spirit guides exist outside our physical plane, they are outside of it’s limitations as well. They have access to information about the past present and future and about events that are happening far away. They can offer assistance in many ways. They can act as teachers, healers and providers of knowledge of both yourself or for other people through you.
You may have one recognized spirit guide or hundreds. Sometime you work with only one or with a variety, each specializing in a different area. For an example, you could call on a spirit guide who is adept at finding lost objects or another who helps you to relax and heal yourself.
Although everyone has helpers many of you are not aware of them. It depends on the culture and the belief system that surrounds you.
Spirit guides make them selves available to help,care, offer assistance, encourage, guide and support. They won’t interfere with our choices and decisions. We have free will and are here to learn and grow. Most of us grow through problem solving and rising to meet the challenges of life. They can’t shield us from our life lessons that we have chosen to learn.
The more you communicate with your spirit guides, the more they are available for help. The spirit guide I am most frequently in contact with is a wonderful, kind, gentle, calming presence who I know as Mai Ling. She shows herself to me as an ornately dressed Asian Lady. She says she is from Siam. The first time that I saw her, I thought she had stepped out of the Broadway musical the King and I. She is very humble and very patient. Those of you who know me will crack up laughing thinking that I have a spirit who is quiet . Well, they say opposites attract. I find her presence comforting and reassuring. When I am doing a reading her quiet nod and bow of the head lets me know I am on the right track. I only do readings with the client sitting to my right. That is so I can keep in contact with my guides. Since the crossing over of so many family members and dear friends, they all to like to show up and help out if they can. I don’t necessarily see them all but can certainly feel their loving and helpful energy.
Recently I was involved with a fund raiser and was concerned about doing readings in a busy noisy place. I usually only do readings in my home in my client room. It was for a good cause, so I thought what the heck. I am so grateful for the women involved and the spirit guides who were there. It was that experience that promoted me to write this blog. I was amazed at the clarity and the flood of information that my guides and the guides of the clients shared. The air was electric with the psychic energy. It was truly a humbling experience.

The following is an exercise to help you make contact with your spirit guides. Have fun with it. Don’t feel defeated if at first you don’t succeed. There are many ways to bring your guides to your conscious mind, this is just one suggestion to get you started.
1. Sit in a relaxed position with eyes closed and take several deep breaths.
2.Make a silent request to communicate with and identify your spirit guide. Ask that only the one or few that are appropriate for you today come forward.
3. Begin to visualize on the outside of your aura( about 18 inches to two feet out ) a figure of a person. Don’t be surprised if you see your animal totem as well.
4. Silently ask the guide to give you a name and to identify themselves. Look to see how they are dressed and if you can’t picture them try to feel their energy.
5. You may ask your guide what kind of assistance they are able to give.
6. When you have finished communicating, it is a good idea to thank your guide and ask that they be available. Spirit guides take what we say literally and are not forth coming with information unless we ask direct questions.
You can make conscious contact with your guides through meditation and visualization. Your guides communicate with you in a number of ways.They usually communicate through the chakra system (energy centers in the aura) If you communicate with your guide through the fifth chakra (throat area) you will hear the guide mentally. Perhaps you will allow your throat and voice to vocalize the communication of the guide. This is known as channelling. The sixth chakra (brow area) communication will be shown by mental pictures or visualization by your guide, You may have to interpret these symbols or images or ask your guide for further clarification. If you do some healing work, the guide may contact you through your hands. Your hands could be guided to a problem on the patients body and then healing energy will be channelled through you from the guide.
Contacting spiritual guides is becoming easier as I feel the veil between this side and the other side is becoming thinner. It is easier than ever for everyone to tap into their psychic energy.
You may visualize your spirit guide as male or female, or you may identify them by a particular name or see them dressed in a manner from a past time or different culture. Theses are common ways spirit guides reveal themselves. Perhaps this is how the two of you were connected in a past life and you can easily identify them in this form. The most important thing to remember is that you and your guide are spiritually bonded and the connection was made and decided upon before you arrived in this life.
Your guide is sending you lot of messages even though you are not aware of it. This usually happens through our sub conscious mind. I feel that what most of have accepted as instinct or esp is our spirit guide doing their job. These experiences are very common. Example, for some strange reason you decide to take a different route home and by doing so find you avoided an accident. You get a sudden urge to contact a friend that you haven’t been in touch with for sometime, and find they need your help.
We are all greatly loved and each soul has equal value. To know we haven’t been thrust on the planet to sink or swim without some guidance is comforting. Your spirit guide is not a substitute or replacement for your connection to the God source or your interpretation thereof, it’s an added bonus to guide us on our earthly journey.

Affirmation: I am open to receive the unconditional love the universe has for me. I am open to receive the help and guidance my spiritual guide is sending. I am grateful.

Spring Equinox

I don’t know about you but I am really happy March is here and especially Spring Equinox, March 20. This is a sacred time of balance, growth, and rebirth. The hours of light and dark are equal, and although the early winds of spring still have a chill to them, the signs of rebirth and renewal abound. The increase in sunlight tells us to come out of our dens and open ourselves to the stirrings of springtime’s beauty.
It is wonderful in the morning when I go out to feed the horse and pony it is light out and I can hear the songbirds. The daffodils are up a couple of inches. Two weeks ago I noticed the first robins were here. Last weekend Canada Geese were flying overhead. A real joy to watch and hear.
My most favorite event in March is the return of the humming birds, strange but true they show up on the third Sunday of the month usually in time for supper. I have learned to set up the feeder that afternoon. When they arrive I know spring is officially here. I marvel at the miracle of these tiny feisty birds making the long trip up from Mexico to spend spring and summer here on the West coast . They celebrate life and spirit. I hang the feeder outside my kitchen window and rejoice in watching and hearing their daily routine.
Spring is my favorite season of the year. How can one not believe in a divine spirit and creator when watching renewed life? Everyday there is a new transformation, so take this opportunity to allow your spirit to grow and open your heart to love in all of its positive forms. Release what you no longer need. If you only have anger, sadness or other negative emotions in your heart there is no room for love. Visualize your heart chakra opening up and blooming like a flower.

Affirmation: I celebrate life with renewed joy. I welcome love into my life. I am grateful for all the beauty of nature and the cycle of life.

2012-Paradigm Shift

I have been running this blog around in my head for weeks trying to come up with the best way to discuss all the transformations that 2012 will initiate. I hope everyone who takes the time to read this, leaves with a feeling of optimism. Studies have shown that optimist people live longer, healthier and happier lives. Keep expecting the best out of life, because you will truly get what you expect. This is a tall order at times especially when you listen to the news and get caught up in the hype about December 21, 2012.
The following paragraphs are paraphrased from an article in an astrological guide for 2012. I feel it really rings true and hopefully will put your fears to rest and then you can truly look forward to the future with optimism.
Depending on which Web site or book you read, the world will end on that day, the poles will shift and the aliens will land. In fact there has been so much hype that in March of 2007, USA TODAY ran an article titled “Does Maya Calendar Predict 2012 Apocalypse?”
“Maya civilization, known for advanced writing, mathematics and astronomy, flourished for centuries. Its Long Count calendar, which was discontinued under Spanish colonization, tracks more than 5,000 years then resets to zero,” wrote G. JefferyMacDonald in the USA TODAY article.
It resets on December21, 2012. It is the day that marks the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere. It is also the day the sun will be aligned with the center of the Milky Way for the first time in 25,625 years, what the Mayans considered a single galactic day. They divided that galactic day into five cycles of 5,125 years and on December 21, that cycle ends.
That doesn’t mean the end of the world. A likely possibility for 2012 is a shift in paradigms. If 2011 was a year of transitions, then 2012 can be viewed as the year when people begin to embrace new ways of thinking about themselves, the society in which they live and the world. With the meltdown in the financial and housing markets in 2008-2009, the election of the first African-American president, the bailouts of banks, rising foreclosures and unemployment , and the broken health care systems, a shift in belief systems seems inevitable.
Daniel Pinchbeck wrote” Such a shift would not be the end of the world but the end of a world and the opening of the next.”
The planet to watch in 2012 is Neptune it enters Pisces on February 3 and remains there until March 2025. This is the planet which deal with spirituality, things that are hidden. Everything is changing so fast, life is moving at such a rapid clip, that everyone is turning more and more to spiritual and intuitive insights and guidance. This trend will continue to grow. Our spiritual beliefs will undergo transformation. We will all become much more intuitive.
I am not an astrologer but hopefully the explanation I have given helps put things into a logical easy understanding. Fear and sensationalism sells. The planet is going to be here for a long time and we best take care of it for future generations. No matter what your age, life is just beginning.