Jill and Walkyre_+

I never set out to be a psychic but fate had a different plan. Fact is, in my early twenties that wasn't even a remote thought. I was living in Ontario, busy as a new wife, teaching and raising two children. Sounds pretty normal, right?

I was born in England to a rich psychic heritage, where my grandmother read tea leaves, Dad read cards and all my relatives had a long list of paranormal experiences and stories to tell. Bedtime consisted of wonderful tales about fairies, elves, wee people, spirit guides and magical animal friends.I have always seen auras, had clairvoyant and clairaudient insights, but didn't realize they had a name until much later in life. I thought it was normal and everyone had them.

We moved to Canada when I was only two and a half. When I started school, I soon learned, to my surprise, other kids didn't see auras and talk to spirits. Labelled as a cry baby, and overly sensitive I never fit in. Animals and books became my best friends. I was always bringing home an injured bird, or stray cat . One time it was a jar of tadpoles, that I thought were in danger as the pond they were in was drying up. Our garden became filled with huge fat toads, much to my mother’s disgust. One of my favorites was a barn owl that had gotten trapped in a delivery truck. It lived in a cage in my bedroom until it was well enough to be released.

As a teenager, I desperately wanted to belong and be accepted by my peers. So with great deliberation, I tuned out and turned off the spirit realm and decided to let my hormones be my guide. Amazingly I made it through, and as a young adult had a degree in Education from Stratford's Teachers' College. Had studied psychology and sociology at the University of Western Ontario and became a primary teacher. I felt I had arrived and my life was all set. I couldn't have been more wrong.

In 1979 my older sister and I came to Vancouver Island to our youngest sister's wedding. When I got off the plane I felt I had come home. I had never really felt at home anywhere. Within six months we were living in the Comox Valley. I wasn't able to acquire a teaching position but did substitute.

Destiny stepped in and gave me a big shove onto my life path. A close friend gave my a book on Palmistry, it was if a floodgate of memory came pouring in as I inhaled the pages. That book led to hundreds more on metaphysics. I experimented on friends giving them readings and past life regression sessions .
Amazingly, they are still great friends.Thanks to the love and support of family and friends it wasn't long before I was busy seeing clients.

Here I am thirty years later very grateful to all the clients who have enriched my life in countless ways. It is a joy to meet and spent time with each and everyone. I hope to continue for many years to come.

I continue my exploration of the metaphysical. I am still an avid reader. However, my best psychic revelations appear when doing barn chores, playing with my horse and pony, enjoying a moment with nature and being with my dear husband, who supports me every step along the way in this great adventure of life.