Clairvoyant Counselling

Past Life Regression Therapy

Psychic Readings

You may choose to
have an appointment
If you want to :

Gain a clearer sense of direction.

Improve ability to choose and make decisions.

Improve balance of emotions and attitudes.

Increase ability to love self and others.

Increase self-esteem and confidence.

Resolve past or present conflicts in a gentle non traumatic way.

Open doors to talents so they can be discovered and expressed.

Reconnect or strengthen connection to higher self or soul.

Create peace and harmony in life.

As professional
Metaphysical Counsellor
I adhere to the following

Provide a safe and private setting for my counseling.

Honor the client’s right to complete confidentiality.

Respect all personal religious beliefs and encourage individual freedom of choice.

Refer a client to other qualified professionals if warranted.

Report child abuse to the appropriate authorities.

Will not treat those hospitalized for psychiatric treatment.

For appointments please call:


Box 44, Merville, British Columbia, V0R 2M0

An hour reading in office is $130.00 which includes a CD. If you would prefer a USB flash drive of the session, the cost is $140.00
This is the only type of session available at this time